Aviation Psychologist

Aviation Psychologist: the well-being of the pilot

The European Union has emanated the regulations that introduce the obligatory, for all the European airlines and the operators aerial, to supply psychological support to the navigating staff in order to resolve problematic that could compromise their abilities.

The Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States.

The Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) Circular of 4 March 2018 requires companies to carry out a surveillance programme (Peer Support Programme) for seafarers.

In relation to the new European regulation, revolutionary for the sector, the National Council of the Order of Psychologists has recently elaborated the legislation on the Role of the Psychologist in relation to the Support and Assessment Programs and has signed a protocol with the National Agency for Civil Aviation in which the figure of the AAP is identified (Accredited Aviation Psychologist) which may be declined in: CAP (Clinical Aviation Psychology) and OAP (Occupational Aviation Psychology).

The role of our team is to support people to improve their quality of life especially during work.

Improving the well-being of people means encouraging the strengthening of positive characteristics.

XARIA collaborates with the most prestigious universities in Italy and Europe in the organization of advanced courses and Masters aimed at psychotherapists and experienced pilots of CRM Aeronautical