Becoming An Aeronautical Maintenace Technician

The course of study to become an aeronautical maintenance technician

The basic classroom training course is aimed at those wishing to pursue a specialist career as an aeronautical technician for Category B1 (Turbine-powered aeroplanes) and B2 (Avionics).


The training course has a duration of 20 months and consists of

  • theoretical training
  • practical training

The issuance of the LMA aircraft maintenance licence by the competent authority is obtained upon completion of 2 YEARS of paid work experience in approved maintenance companies.

Theoretical training

Theoretical training consists of 13 modules covering all the subjects of aeronautical interest required by EASA regulations. At the end of each theoretical module, the school itself has the privilege of administering the relevant examination. The theoretical exams, in English, consist of a variable number of multiple-choice questions (3 alternatives) and for some modules (M7A-M9A-M10) also of one or two open-ended questions. The manuals supporting the lectures are written in English, while the lectures are mainly delivered in Italian.

Practical Training

Practical training involves carrying out maintenance activities on aircraft, engines, propellers and related components in accordance with the procedures contained in the maintenance manuals.

The school has a dedicated workshop in which students are supervised by practical instructors. The total duration of the practical training is 1225 hours.

Certificates of Success for Theory Modules Examinations

At the end of the entire course, a single “Certificate of Recognition” is issued, certifying that all theoretical examinations and practical tests have been passed.

It must be presented to the Competent Authority for the issue of the Licence together with the documentation relating to the practical experience gained in accordance with the regulations.

This certificate is valid in all EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Member States.

Required skills

PASSION FOR AERONAUTICS AND FOR NEW TECHNOLOGIES: the aeronautical maintenance technician works in one of the most technologically advanced sectors, and when study is driven by passion it leads to excellence.

KNOWLEDGE OF ENGLISH: it is strongly recommended to start the course of study with a B! level of understanding of technical English, the main language of the aviation sector.

THE ABILITY TO WORK IN A TEAM: solving complex problems always involves sharing opinions with colleagues and combining the strengths and skills of the team.

THE DESIRE TO CONTINUE TO LEARN: refresher courses will be an integral part of your working life, giving you the tools to face the new challenges that technology will present to us.

There are no physical or age requirements for members.

Course cost

The total cost of the course is on average €16,000. To this must be added the cost of the personal toolbox and the clothing with personal protective equipment (PPE) required for the practical training.

Job opportunities

The aeronautical maintenance technician is increasingly in demand in the industry, not only in Europe. All AEA students who complete the theoretical exams and practical training over the course of two years will be offered employment in Italian maintenance companies that collaborate with our academy. The cost of the course is thus repaid over a 15-month period.