CRM Seminars


Crew Resource Management (known as CRM) is the mode that allows the use of all the resources available for cabin crew ensuring a safe and correct performance, reducing errors, avoiding stress and increasing efficiency.

The CRM deals with the cognitive and interpersonal skills necessary to manage the flight within an organized air system.Cognitive skills deal with the mental processes used to acquire and maintain awareness of the situation, to solve problems and to make decisions.Interpersonal skills can be associated with communication and teamwork. In many cases, as in aviation, these interconnect with the technical skills required.


The CRM was developed as a response to the causes of the numerous air accidents recorded by new devices such as flight recorders (FDR) and cockpit voice recorders (CVR). The information collected shows that very often the cause is not a technical malfunction of the aircraft or its systems, nor a lack of technical knowledge of the pilots. This is the inability of crews to respond adequately to the situation in which they find themselves. Incorrect communication between crew members and other subjects leads to a loss of awareness of what is being done and to no longer reason as a team, leading to even serious accidents.

Most airlines have noted the situation and introduced additional training in cabin management techniques. The techniques embraced became standardized and took the name of CRM, thus becoming known worldwide.

Safety and efficiency

The CRM covers a wide range of topics, including communication, situational awareness loss, problem solving, decision-making and teamwork, along with all of the subcategories that each of these areas involves.  The aim remains to promote safety and improve efficiency.

A Detailed Program

CRM training accompanies pilots throughout their careers. It shall be conducted by approved instructors and follow approved programmes in the AOS Operations Manual.

(IR-OPS ORO.FC.115 and ORO.FC.215;see also Acceptable Means of Conformity and Guidance Material for IR-OPS ORO.FC.115 and ORO.FC.215).

(For EU-OPS see Subpart N: EU-OPS 1.940, subsequent paragraphs and associated supplementary material)

(IR-OPS ORO.FC.115 e ORO.FC.215; vedi anche Mezzi accettabili di conformità e Materiale di orientamento per le IR-OPS ORO.FC.115 e ORO.FC.215).

(Per le EU-OPS vedi Sottoparte N: EU-OPS 1.940, paragrafi successivi e materiale supplementare associato)