Organisation 23


The XARIA team consists of experienced psychologists in aviation psychology, psychiatrists, CRM instructors, doctors and aviation training professionals.

It has signed important partnerships with public bodies and private societies for the attainment of own objectives.


XARIA SSD Srl is based at Verona-Boscomantico airport.

At the headquarters is located:

  • A research center for the study of solutions to the problems of students, pilots and crew.
  • The coordination team for training programs and support to seafarers


  • Development of paths to develop cognitive and psychological skills for aspiring pilots.
  • Training and support for Peer to Peer.
  • Training through advanced courses of psychologists and psychiatrists to the role of the psychologist in aviation.
  • Training to pilots and CRM instructors on cognitive and emotional skills.

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Xaria Project

  • Research and classification of disabilities acceptable for identified tasks.
  • Study of all possible problems and implications at every difficulty.
  • Support for Dtos and Atos who want to start courses for people with physical disabilities.

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